S a i n t  M a r y 's   E p i s c o p a l  C h u r c h

703 Edwards Street

P.O. Box 595

Chester, PA 19016


​email: stmarys@stmaryschester.org

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Rebuilding and Re-Imagining!

St. Mary's Episcopal Church has been serving the community of Chester PA since 1900. Like most other century old congregations it is not without struggles as it continues to provide a safe place for worship and its various ministries. For the past 30+ years we have successfully operated a food cupboard, serving as many as 80 families per week. The food cupboard runs from September through July. In 2014 we began a Wednesday evening service of praise & worship with Eucharist and for 2015 we are rebuilding a music program, hosting a summer camp, and had our first successful Family Fun Night which happens every 2nd and 4th Friday of the month. We are currently in the process of collaborating with private and public schools to host an Early Learning Program for children entering pre-k and kindergarten. We at St. Mary's see ourselves being an integral part of the community in which we serve. Not only do we have the desire to serve our community, we know that it is what God has called us to do. We hope you will join us and help to rebuild and re-imagine God's Kingdom in the City of Chester. Ultimately, that's really what it's all about - bringing disciples to Christ!

Below you will find a list of our capital projects we would like to have complete by 2019 beginning with the replacement of the roof and a portion of the rafters. Some projects don't have costs, because we have not received estimates as of date. But don't let that stop you from contributing! There is much excitement around what we have been able to do in this past year and it has all been made possible with the help of our members, friends, family, organizations and other congregations around the Diocese of Pennsylvania.

Saint Mary’s Capital Projects
2014- 2019


Roof Replacement and Repair

The roof needs a complete repair. After receiving several estimates we have decided to go with Kingkiner Bros. 

Total cost $10,660 includes:

Currently we have raised half of the money we need to repair our roof and hope to finish this campaign by the end of September. Help us stay dry for the winter! Thanks to everyone who has contributed to this campaign so far.

Shingle removal and replacement                                                                     9,900

Gutter and Spout replacement                                                                              160

Interior Wood Replacement                                                                                  600


Total raised to date                                        $5400  

Undercroft Waterproofing


Bathroom Remodel
Update, gender neutral, and handicap accessible
Total Cost:          $5000                                                                                              

Handicap Accessibility
Remodel Entry Narthex


Kitchen Update
Countertop and Cabinet Replacement
Total Cost:        $5700

Multi Function Sanctuary
Replace pews with chairs