Ruby Benson, Warden

Blanche Price

Sarah Carter

Michael Dalie

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St. Mary's Episcopal Church



The Very Rev. Deirdre Whitfield, Vicar

Yesenia Alejandro-Cruz, Candidate

Mothers Mission, Spiritual Advisor 

Since the 1900’s St. Mary’s Chester has been a place of worship for any person who walks through the red door. Today, since 2014, our focus has been on building relationships with God, one another and our community. We strive to reflect an active presence of the spirit of service through our comprehensive food outreach program.  As a small congregation we see our immediate future firmly established as an Episcopal presence in the City of Chester, PA with Episcopal based ministries operating as microcosm of Christ beloved community. To that end we have made the intentional decision to be diverse, focusing on the presence of an increase in the Hispano/Latino Community on the West side of the City. We have incorporated elements of the Hispano/Latino culture into our worship and plan to collaborate with Mother’s Ministry, founded by Yesenia Alejandro-Cruz. This ministry began in Philadelphia and reaches out to the community in need including men, women and children. It provides necessities such as food clothing and furniture. Mother’s Ministry has expanded to Puerto Rico and has been instrumental in serving the island after the total destruction of hurricane Maria in 2017. We are excited to be a part of this ministry.

La Iglesia Episcopal de Santa Maria

Gloriajean Jackson,


St. Mary's Food Cupboard

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St. Mary's Office Assistant